Best App For Smooth Slow Motion Video 2023

Now, slow-mo video is very popular on TikTok. iPhone users can create smooth slow motion videos, but Android users cannot create smooth slow motion videos with their phones. In some older Android phones, there is no option to create slow motion videos.

So, I researched and found the best app for slow motion video. The app I’m going to show you is great for making slow motion videos. In this app you can make slow motion video from normal video. It is a professional video editing tool. This application is called VSCO.

About VSCO

VSCO is a professional editing tool. In this editing app, you can easily edit your video, but you can also create smooth slo-mo. All basic editing features are available in this app. You can easily trim, crop and reverse your video in this video editing app. Various presets are available in this video editing tool, you can apply to your photo and video with one click. In this editing app you can easily enhance the color of your photo and video.

If you want to add stylish text to your video, you can use this video editing tool. In this editing tool, you can easily add stylish text to your video. This editing app has more editing effects available that you can use while editing your video. If you want to download VSCO editing app. Just click on the link below. This link will direct you to Google Drive where you can easily download this app.

How to make Slow-Mo?

  1. The first open VSCO editing tool. And click on Studio option.
  2. Now select your video which you want to make slow motion.
  3. Then go to Tools option and select Speed option.
  4. Now set this option to 0.2X and your slow motion video is ready.
  5. Now export this video and upload it to your social media accounts.

This way you can easily make slow motion video easily. VSCO is the best app for creating slow-mo videos. If you want to make slow motion video then definitely try this app I hope this article has helped you to find the best app for slow motion video. If you face any problem while creating slow-mo video in this editing tool, you can ask in comment section.

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