Top 3 Amazing Apps For Android 2023

Hello friends today I will show you apps that will make your mobile very stylish and amazing. Some apps will make the home screen of your phone stylish and some apps will make the second screen of your phone stylish and attractive.

For example call screen, lock screen, edge of your phone. You must have tried many apps to make your phone look stylish. But these apps are pro apps that will make your phone look awesome.

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Now without wasting your time. Let’s get to the topic.
The first app I bring you is Border Light – Edge Lighting.

1.Girls Face Emoji Remover – Fac

This is a very useful app. If a girl sends you a picture, and she puts an emoji in her picture before sending it to you, you can remove the emoji from her picture using this app. You can easily remove emoji using this app. Just select the photo then bring the girl’s face into the frame then drag your finger over the emoji.

Then the girl’s face will be seen. This way you can remove emoji from any photo. If you want to remove emoji from photo then definitely try this app. Just download this app from below link and remove emoji from any photo.


2.Add music to the Poetry sound.

If you want to make a poetry video then this app can be helpful for you. Many people make poetry videos and then add different music in the background. They use this app to add background music.

Now I am telling how you can use this app. First add poetry voice to this app. Then add background music. Now use the sound effect you like. Then save the audio. Now, your voice is ready for a poetry video.

If you want to use this app. Just click on the link below. Then download this app from there. Now install it on your phone. Then make a poetry video with this app for TikTok.


3.Border Light – Edge Lighting

This app will make your mobile phone like a gaming phone. You have already tried many apps to improve the look of your mobile, but this app will make your mobile stylish.

First you need to download this app. To download this app. Scroll down and find the download button. Then press the download button. After downloading you just need to install this app on your mobile phone.

Then open it. You can select Magic Light Border on your mobile phone.
Just press Magic Light Border and then set wallpaper. Now the corners of your phone will look very stylish.


This mobile phone has some features.

The border of magical light

By using this feature you can change the border of your mobile screen. After applying it your phone screen will look very stylish like a gaming mobile.


You can customize your mobile border using change feature. Like border color, rotation time, icon layout, and various other settings you can easily customize.

The border of magical light

By using this feature you can use different light border on your phone.
All borders are alive. You can download Light Border.

Live wallpaper

You can use different live wallpapers on your mobile. It will make your mobile look beautiful. You can also download more live wallpapers.

Grid and water effect

You can try grid or water effect which will make your mobile attractive.
Actually these are live wallpapers, but it will make your mobile very stylish.

Set the theme.

Using this feature you can use default themes, and you can create your own theme. You can create your own different themes for later use.
So try this app to make your mobile stylish and attractive.


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