What problems occur after Google Adsense is approved?

Google AdSense Approved: For those looking for a future in blogging and YouTube, AdSense becomes an issue these days. Making it easy to provide AdSense leads to a lot of problems with AdSense Prole. But let me tell you that even after getting AdSense approval there were some problems.

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  • What are the problems when Google Adsense is approved?
    • Google Adsense Payment Problems

What are the problems when Google Adsense is approved?

When you apply for Adsense you given a certain amount of time within which your site reviewed. After which approval given if everything is correct. But even after this users have to face many problems.

Because after getting approval, a PIN sent to your address. Which has to be verified by putting it in your AdSense account. For this, let us tell you that you given only three attempts. If you do not verify the address three times, you may have a lot of problems.

Whenever you add a bank account to your adsense, try to have a personal bank account. Because there may be problems with government bank account sometimes. Complete the further process only after getting the Swift code from your bank branch before adding the account.

Google Adsense Payment Problems

Payment released from Google Adsense on 21st of every month. Which reaches you in 10 days. This time can be longer. My own payment released on the 21st but received between the 15th and 17th of the following month.

This problem also occurs because of Swift code. So check your SWIFT code by contacting your branch. So that you don’t have to face the problems that most people do. So you should carefully read and apply the AdSense policy.

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