Tiktok se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2023। How to Make Money Online From TikTok। Hindi

Welcome to another Hindi blog. As the question of many people was that can we earn money from tiktok? So to solve their problems we are here with our article providing complete information about Tiktok se Paise Kaise Kamaye. If you want to know how to earn money from Tiktok? Read this article.

TikTok is a Chinese app. Which was published in India in 2017. And it has become popular today as you can download it.

Play store can have more than 100 million downloads. Poems are widely used by people.

Note – Chinese apps are banned in India so don’t use all of them. There are applications from Jockey Chain.
This is a fun video sharing platform through which we are uploading few seconds videos made by you. Millions of people are entertained.

But did you know that you can also earn money from Talk Talk. Many creators like here don’t know. Next we will talk about how you earn money from Tik Tok? So let’s begin-

How to make money from TikTok?

TikTok is one such platform where you can earn a decent amount of money by uploading videos of a few seconds.

TikTok is a short video sharing app. Where millions of people post their videos. TikTok debuted in India in 2017. It was also launched in China in 2015-16. In China it is known as Douyin. It is still being played by the media today. Since then till today it becomes so popular that everyone is using it. Be it the creator or the viewer. Today millions of people are crazy about it.

If you also wonder how to make money from Tik Tok, then let us tell you that unlike YouTube, the option of Tik Tok does not have the opportunity to show any ads.

If we use some method like this, you can make money using talk. To know these articles read our full article

How to earn money from Jockey Tik Tok.

Ways to earn money from TikTok
Ways to earn money from Tiktok
What are the ways to earn money from Tiktok?
There is no feature like ads scenario on TikTok to earn you through it. But brought to you by 6 effective methods. Which will help you a lot. So let’s come to know step by step what are those methods –

1- #GoLive and earn money.

If you use Talk, you must know that live broadcasts can be done on Talk. Did you know you can earn money while living?

Now let’s talk about how to earn money on Live Street. How to make money online from TikTok live streaming? Even then there is no need to worry. We have full information.

When you live stream, your followers or fans send you emojis. We tell you how they send emojis. When you talk to them. They are then happy and gift you emojis they buy emojis first.
Then you send. Those who get some of your coins can redeem the coins and transfer them to your bank account. But remember that even when you have 1000 followers you can still live stream.

How much is the coin worth?

100 coins ₹65
500 coins ₹320
2,000 coins ₹1300
5,000 coins ₹3400
10,000 coins ₹6800
This way you can earn good money by redeeming the coins of the gifts you get.

So whatever you do, give your loved ones lots of gifts.

2- Brand promotion

This method is very wonderful. It can be very good for you. If you build enough followers on your ID and your video goes viral, you can get sponsorship from many companies.

And you can do as many as you want. All brands want to get the most out of promoting your product.

You for some samples. Manga are willing to pay if the company likes you.

Well companies are willing to pay anywhere from $400 to $1000 even if you do well. So first you note on your video good video.
What is Tiktok?
Tik Tok video how?

3- Cross promotion

This is also a very good way to earn money online. Through which you can generate income further. You also have to promote.

Cross promotion in simple language is when there is promotion from one platform to another platform or promotion of products with other products is also called cross promotion.

Grow fans on your social network and YouTube channel through your videos.

Add social media and youtube channel link below your tik tok videos to connect with your fans in case you close tik tok in future.

Once Tik Tok was banned in India. But due to lack of maturity, the ban was lifted.

But what if it ever happens again, you can give the link of all your network. You have to face problems.

4- Competitions

All kinds of contests are running in Tiktok app. You won’t get money, you get many kinds of gifts here. A smartphone and sometimes you even get it as a gift.

Now let’s tell you how to participate in the contest and win lots of prizes.

First open the app search the name from the bottom side a search box will appear. Click on what all those contests were. who were walking

You can join any contests you participate in by tagging #. Very good video made by you, you all like it. If you stay ahead, you are declared the winner.

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