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Welcome to our blog. If you want to know how to make a Tik Tok video and how to make a Tik Tok video viral, then read the whole thing.

What do you know what is tik tok app if you don’t know what is tik tok app and how to create tik tok id and create with us bring us similar interesting information. You begin.

Table of Contents

  • Tik Tok Video Kaise Banaye :-
    • Tiktok Par Video Kaise Banaye :-
    • Tik Tok Par Duet Video Kaise Banaye :-
    • Tik Tok Video Viral Kaise Kare :-
      • 1- Unique Contents
      • 2- Regularity
      • 3- Social Shares
      • 4- Duet Video
      • 5- Has (#) Tag
      • 6- Audiance Retention
    • Tik Tok Par Followers Kaise Badhaye :-
    • Conclusion :-

Tik Tok Video Kaise Banaye :-

Tik Tok video how?

Friends, if you want to know how to make videos on Tik Tok, then you are at the right place. Where we will provide you complete information step by step on Create Video on Ticket.
Here we will discuss some important point which may be important for you. such as –

  1. How to make a video on Tik Tok?
  2. Who made a duet video on Tik Tok?
  3. How to make Tik Tok video viral?
  4. How to get followers on Tik Tok
  5. How to make a video on Tik Tok:-

As you will know that these days Tik Tok has a lot of usage and views. That way you’re sure you need to move forward. Create video with confidence. Let’s tell you how to make videos on Tik Tok –

1- Plus icon

First you will open the Tik Tok app and select its plus icon option. Tap this option in the bottom center of the app home screen.

2- Voice

The screen you will see now has Tuff Sound option written at the top. Through this you can choose which song or music you want to add to your video by clicking on it. If you want to use any song that a creator has used in your video. For this you have to go to the video of this creator and see how the red round shaped music dances at the bottom. You have to do it. You will use your video by downloading the audio of your video.

3- Camera settings

Now it’s time to choose which room to use our front camera or rear camera to shoot video. For this you have a flip option in the armpit which will also accomplish this task.

4- Video speed

After choosing you can get the option of video speed with the help of which type of video motion you want to make the video. This option can slow down or speed up your video.

  • Online Paise Kaise Kamaye
  • Meesho se Paise Kaise Kamaye

5- Filters

This is the most important part of making a video. With its help, the videos can be given more attention with the help of various filters in the videos. Be sure to use yours and do it right.

6- Timer

While making a video it is also important to note how long the video is being made. And how is the content of this video and what speed is required. Keep all these well in mind then explain the video.

7- Recording button

It was given in the middle of the red color. which you hold down until your video is shot. When the recording is complete, you can leave it.

8- Upload.

This is the last step. After shooting the video, filter it properly and then upload it.
Upload the video even if you don’t have any shortage of video right now. Otherwise the video can clearly end up going viral.

How to make a duet video on Tik Tok:-

Tik Tok Duet Video means creating a duet video with any popular creator. As you will see there was someone in the middle on the screen and someone else on the side. The same type of video is named duet video.
You can also create your own video of the same type. Even if your video goes viral, Tik Tok followers are more and more likely. But you use this facility when you want to make some more followers already. Even then this facility was given to you.

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Make Tiktok Video Viral?

Making a video on Tik Tok means when someone watches it. You can also create private videos yourself. But nowadays there are very few people who are making it for you. So it is very important for the video to go viral. How to make Tik Tok videos go viral?

1- Unique content

If you want to make your Tik Tok video go viral, first of all you have to focus on it. Your content should be great. Then there will be a virus. Many people gather at the same sound. And if you put unique content in your videos then it will become RAM for you. Your video will not share more than where the swinging video is available. You pay special attention to it.

2- Regularity

To make tiktok video viral you should upload regular video. It will be good that by uploading daily, not one video will go viral and your work will be made from one video. So post at least one video a day.

3- Social shares

Nowadays, there is hardly anyone who does not use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. Everyone is using the internet. Which may be of benefit to you. You must make a video and share it on all social media platforms.

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