Mobile se YouTube Channel Kaise Banaye 2023। How to Create YouTube Channel on Mobile

Welcome to anotherMoneyEarnKaro Today I am going to tell you how to create a YouTube channel from mobile. If you also want to know, read the entire article. You get all the information in one place.

In today’s time almost all people use the internet. With the help of which social media is also being used.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube almost all entertain you. But some people are making good money using their social networking site.

Many people use YouTube for their entertainment. But you can also earn money from YouTube.

Did you know that on a daily basis videos come from YouTube on a daily basis? If not, find out. It was people like you and us who uploaded this video.

Who create their YouTube channel and upload spy videos. And view-based ads on videos also earn well.

How to make money online when you search you know money about youtube. And everyone wants to be a YouTuber.

But they don’t have much YouTube knowledge because they get left behind. To solve these problems, today I will tell you what YouTube is and how YouTube channels are created. Today I will tell you how to create YouTube channel from mobile.

Table of Contents

  • YouTube Kya Hai (What is YouTube in Hindi)
    • How to Start YouTube Career
      • फोन पर YouTube Channel बनाने के लिए जरूरी सामान
  • Mobile se YouTube Channel Kaise Banaye? (How to Create YouTube Channel on Mobile)
    • अपना YouTube Channel Verify कैसे करें?
    • YouTube Channel को Customise कैसे करें?
    • YouTube Studio का Setup कैसे करें?
      • Conclusion

How to Start a YouTube Career

To build a career on YouTube you must have a YouTube channel. Before you create a channel, decide the category in which you want to create a video.

On YouTube you can publish videos related to the same category. So your category is fixed.

You can also do video editing to create a YouTube video. My video editing app article has written about some of the applications. You can read.

Create a YouTube channel on the phone for essentials

If you want to create a YouTube channel even from a phone, you must have some essential equipment.

  1. Smartphone– If you want to create a YouTube channel on a phone, you need an Android phone. So you must have a good smartphone.
  2. Good Internet Connection– You must have a good Internet connection to upload videos to YouTube. Good internet also played a role in uploading the video quickly.
  3. Email (Google) Account – This is the most important. Create and send your channel without email.

If you are using an Android phone, your email will already be created. And if not, create your Google account.

This will be essential for your channel. Next you go to how to create a YouTube channel on mobile. So without delay know how to make YouTube channel from mobile.

How to make YouTube channel from mobile? (How to create YouTube channel on mobile)

1- Open Google Chrome browser on your phone and search for

2- Now click on Sign in and login with your email.

3- After login you will see 3 dots on top right side. Click to turn on your desktop mode.

4- Now you have to open the settings by clicking on Sign in your account with it.

How to Start a YouTube Career

5- Now you will get the option to create a new channel. Fill in your channel name and click Create.

Create a new YouTube channe

Now your channel is created. But it is very important to verify the channel, customize it and set it up in YouTube Studio. Will go on about it.

How to verify your YouTube channel?

You will need to go back to your personal settings to verify the channel.

1- Go to YouTube account, open settings and click on Add or manage your channel.

Manage a YouTube channel.

2– When you click on your two channels you have to select the one you have created.

Select your channel.

3- Now you have to click on Select Channel Status and Properties.

Channel status

4- Now you will see confirmation button above click on it.

Verify the YouTube channel.

5- Now you have to select the country and submit your mobile number.

6 – Your number one verification code will appear. You must fill this. Then your channel will be verified.

How to customize YouTube channel?

1- Open a new tab and search again. And add Chrome to desktop mode.

2- Now you click on account and select your channel.

3- Now customize the channel in front of you and you will see YouTube Studio.

How to Customize Your YouTube Channel

4- Customize the channel Now the interface that will open you can add your channel logo and channel art.

5- Below that, go to the About section and describe your channel in detail. As for what is the purpose of your channel? What will people contribute to your channel etc.

YouTube description

6- Fill your email address for business inquiries after the description.

7- Select your country and if you have a website or social media you can also link it.

How to set up YouTube Studio?

1- Once again open a new tab in with desktop mode.

2- Now you open YouTube Studio by clicking on your button.

3- If you look down on the left side, you will see the setting symbol. Press it.

YouTube Studio Setup

4- There will be four options like General, Channel, Upload Default, Permission, Community.

5- Select basic information by selecting your channel and select country by filling keywords relevant to your category.

6- For basic information you can choose as per your requirement for advanced setting and click on save when the process is finished.

7- Now you choose the category of your channel go to default advanced setting to upload and choose the category and save.


In today’s article on how to make a YouTube channel on mobile, you will learn how to set up a YouTube channel in Studio. And how to verify the channel. Be careful when you create your YouTube channel. This article provides A-Z information. Which will be helpful in building your channel.

But still not facing any problem in your channel then comment below. I will try my best to help you.

Hope you will like this article on how to make YouTube channel from mobile. Be sure to comment what you have to say about this article.

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