GB WhatsApp Kya Hai तथा GB WhatsApp Ke Features जानिए GB WhatsApp Download Kaise Kare 100% Genuine Information in Hindi

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Jutace WhatsApp is the only mobile user of WhatsApp.
GB WhatsApp is also the same as the original WhatsApp. varau its whats whats whats whats whats whats whats whats whats whats app download

Table of Contents

  • GB WhatsApp Kya Hai (What is GB WhatsApp in Hindi)
    • GB WhatsApp Ke Features (Features of GB WhatsApp in Hindi)
      • 1. Dynamic Theme Store
      • 2. Status Copy & Paste
      • 3. Chat Privacy & Security
      • 4. Chat Lock & DND Mode
      • 5. Chat Head Message
      • 6. DIY Theme
      • 7. Auto Translation Message
      • 8. Broadcast
      • 9. Pin Lock
      • 10. GB WhatsApp & Notification Icon
  • GB WhatsApp Download Kaise Kare (How to Download GB WhatsApp in Hindi)
    • Conclusion

GB WhatsApp Kya Hai (What is GB WhatsApp in Hindi)

Friends, GB WhatsApp Messenger is also a kind of instant messaging app, but it is also packed with features. This third party application is very interesting to use.

In original WhatsApp you get 3 columns on your home screen while in GB WhatsApp you get 4 columns. You provide the groups column separately.

After getting to know about Dosto GB WhatsApp, most of the people rush to Google Play Store to download it. Your talk was not successful. So tell me in an article who should download GB WhatsApp? But first let’s talk about the features of GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Features (GB WhatsApp Features in Hindi)

What is GB WhatsApp Now let’s know what features GB WhatsApp can offer to your users that is different from the original WhatsApp.

Dynamic Theme Store

You get dynamic and brilliant. You can make your WhatsApp unique and attractive. Talking about the original WhatsApp, you provide a simple theme.

Copy and paste the status.

See and use our feature in GB WhatsApp we can also copy whatsapp status. How to download status in original WhatsApp is difficult.

Chat Privacy and Security

You can hide last seen as well as hide dual tick. You have deleted the message.

Chat Lock and DND Mode

Any specific chat in GB WhatsApp can be hidden from main screen of WhatsApp. While you can use DND (Do Not Disturb) mode without turning off the internet.

Chat Head Message

WhatsApp Business has this feature and GB WhatsApp also provides this feature. This feature means you can automatically reply to messages online without having to reply quickly.

DIY theme

You get a DIY theme that you can use as you wish.

Automatic translation message

Do you know the auto translation feature? With the help of which you can translate any message into any language.


In the original WhatsApp you only get the facility to add 250 contacts or GB WhatsApp gives you the facility of 600 contacts.

Pin lock

This is one of the best features of GB WhatsApp with the help of which you can pin lock any of your chats. %

GB WhatsApp and notification icon

This WhatsApp provides you with many types of icons. Want to use the icon in WhatsApp. Can use it.

Friends GB WhatsApp which is the best feature users I am telling above. Now let’s know how to download GB WhatsApp on Google?

How to Download GB Whatsapp (How to Download GB Whatsapp in Hindi)

Friends, when we had to install any of our applications, the first thing we remember is Google Play Store. Some third-party applications that are not available on the Play Store.

So is GB WhatsApp. This is also a third party application as it is not available on play store. So I am going to tell you below how to download GB WhatsApp in Kaise Kare Hindi.

  1. First search in google.
  2. Now you have to download the latest version of GB WhatsApp which will be around 50mb.
  3. After downloading install GB WhatsApp by enabling unknown source in your mobile settings.

Now install your gb whatsapp you can use it by entering your mobile number.


Today you know what GB WhatsApp is, GB WhatsApp features and how to download GB WhatsApp? The information provided in this article is completely genuine. Can’t say anything about HanGB WhatsApp being secure. In terms of features, it is ahead of the original WhatsApp.

Hope you found this GB WhatsApp Features article helpful. How helpful is this article for you to comment. If you have any questions or suggestions, comment them too.

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