Apna Whatsapp Stickers bane kaTarika.How to create your own WhatsApp sticker

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Almost new Diwali feature WhatsApp Sticker has been released by WhatsApp in October 2018. The WhatsApp sticker feature is available in Android and iOS devices. The special thing about this new feature is that by using this feature, any company in the world can add WhatsApp by making WhatsApp stickers. Not only that, WhatsApp can also add you by making it your own. So now you are creating your own WhatsApp we can send to friends. To use this feature, Android mobile users need to download WhatsApp version 2.18.329 and iOS mobile users need to download WhatsApp version 2.18.100 (Sension) in their smartphones. Sticker feature is not available. Friends you want to update your whatsapp to use this sticker feature. If you want to send your customers, you want to send yourself. So here comes the method of making WhatsApp stickers.

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