Online paise kamane ka tarika. Go to 2023 and earn millions.

Since the disaster of Corona in Pakistan, many people are looking for ways to earn money online, so in today’s article we will share with you how to earn money online through internet. If you google how to make money online you will get many answers, but among them is this method. Whatever doesn’t work, but if you Google how to make money online, it’s a search, and our website will come up. In today’s article we are giving you information about some of the real ways to make money online, with the help of which you can earn money online in no time. The method is known.

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1 How to earn money online. How to earn money online.
2 ways to earn money online in hindi-
2.1 #1-How to make money online from YouTube-
2.2 #2- Affiliate Marketing How To Make Money Online-
2.3 #3-How to make money online with freelancing-
2.4 #4-How to make money online with dropshipping-
2.5 #5-How to make money online from share market-
2.6 Ways to earn money from share market-
2.6.1 Conclusion – What we learned today –

How to make money online? How to make money online.

There are many people in India who are earning millions by working online but they don’t want to introduce themselves and on the other hand there are some people who work from home all day but still earn thousands. She barely earns Rs. For example, you have to decide whether you want to go to the city and get a job worth thousands of rupees, or you want to earn millions by working online from home. I am sure you will like the second option too, so today in this article we are going to tell you how to earn money online, but for you, you fulfill all the conditions, which you guys in this article. Read up to
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Recipe to make money online in Hindi.

If you really want to know how to make money online, you should check out my article – How to make money online only for those who decide to complete their work with hard work, dedication and management. If you don’t have patience (sabar), work hard and work hard, then you should take any method of making money online, no single method is going to work for you. Due to lack of patience (patience) you quickly change one method after another. And so you’ll be the first to succeed, I hope I’ve understood what it takes to make money online – so without further ado we want to know. .

1- How to make money online from YouTube-

If you like speaking, you can start your own YouTube channel and earn good monthly money, for this you will have to make a small investment. Like- a good smartphone, mic (you can get it from bola company) and internet, all you need to start a youtube channel are these three things. After that you will choose a niche (topic), and once again make a video on this topic and upload it, Iye know a YouTuber, how to can make money. Google Adsense- Every big YouTuber makes money from YouTube by using Google Adsense. If you also want to earn money from YouTube, then you have to monetize your YouTube channel with Google. Let’s know about it-
The first thing you need to do is enable monetization of your YouTube channel by going to YouTube channel settings.
After that you can create a Google Adsense account using Gmail.
When monetization of your channel is turned on, ads appear on your videos and you get paid.
The more people watch your winning video, the more your earnings will skyrocket.
Your YouTube video earnings can be transferred to your bank account in your Google Adsense account.
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Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate marketing can be a good option to earn money online from YouTube, with the help of which you can earn a lot of money. For this you can put the link of any online similar selling company’s product in your YouTube description box and you can earn commission when it is clicked. Sponsorship- When your YouTube channel becomes popular, you start getting sponsorship. A good thing for you. Winning your YouTube channel will be popular. This is a great way to earn money from YouTube by building a large subscriber base on your YouTube channel. You can apply for sponsorship only after reaching 5000 subscribers.
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#2- Affiliate marketing se online paise kamane ka tarika-

If you learn how to make money from YouTube, you’ve got a good idea of what marketing is, if you don’t understand it. So don’t worry, we know how to make money with flat marketing. If you still have any complaints let us know. To earn money from affiliate marketing, the first step is to decide on your niche and then develop a product related to your niche for the affiliate program. When your comment approved, you get a link to that product. This followed by promoting the product through any online platform through a link. When an internet user clicks on your FL link and buys the product, the company gives you a percentage cut. This the commission you earned from affiliate marketing. You can transfer the money spent through affiliate marketing to your bank account.

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