How to earn from YouTube shorts 2023

Ever since YouTube shorts started, how to earn from YouTube shorts has been a question on every YouTube creator’s mind. For this purpose I researched and found the answer to this question. I found different ways to make money from YouTube shorts. In this article, I will talk about how to earn from YouTube shorts completely.

There are three ways you can earn from YouTube shorts.

1. Earn with YouTube Shorts Fund.
2. Earn through sponsorship.
3. YouTube Short Monetization System (New Method).

Below I will fully discuss these ways to earn from YouTube shorts.

1. Earn with YouTube Shorts Fund.

This is a common method for YouTube shorts, but it’s not clear how much money you can earn there and when you’ll be eligible for the YouTube Shorts Fund. To earn money through YouTube Shorts Fund you need millions of views on your video, then YouTube mails you that you are eligible for YouTube Shorts Fund. The YouTube Short Fund is $100M distributed among various YouTube creators.
There are certain conditions that must be followed in order to receive the bonus from the YouTube Shorts Fund.
3. There are some countries that are eligible for YouTube Fund, click the link to check.
4. For more details, click here.

Earn Money through sponsorship.

Many people are bringing in cash on these lines. For this strategy, you really want a viral YouTube short record. Then many brands manage you. You only make recordings for their site or application. They pay you for it. You see many YouTubers discussing the application in their recordings. In fact, they make sponsorship recordings. They bring in cash from the brand and create recordings for their site or application.
So on the off chance that you have a YouTube short record that goes viral, try adding mail to your record as brands can help you.

Bring in cash from sponsorships.

YouTube short Monatize work (new way )

This is the best way to make cash from YouTube shorts. It will be done today. Since 2022, the YouTube support group has said that the adaptation framework will be introduced in early 2023. Advertisements will be shown between two short recordings and promotions will be seen by people between the two short recordings containing the advertisements. shown. You’ve noticed that when you’re watching a YouTube short, a commercial video pops up after a few short recordings. Such promotions will appear in shorts when the adaptation framework is introduced.

This obvious information, but ideally this technique would applied to the YouTube shorts adaptation framework. Still, as far as possible we see when this framework introduced. Just keep an eye on which strategy used.

4. YouTube shorts Monetization (launched)

  1. YouTube Short Adaptation (Get Starte)
    Finally, the YouTube Shorts adaptation framework discontinued. Currently you can adopt your YouTube shorts channel.
YouTube is maintaining the Shorts adaptation framework guideline.

1000 supporters
10 million views in 90 days
If you have any desire to assume that you are eligible for YouTube shorts adaptation or not.

Simply open the YT Studio application or open it in an internet browser. Then, at that point, go to the ‘Get’ segment where you can check regardless of whether you are eligible or not.

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